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MicroPipe Refrigeration Software

Learning Series

MicroPipe eliminates the use of charts and first principles to calculate not just individual refrigeration pipes, but a limitless number of circuits within a distributed network, including riser pipework.

MicroPipe allows for losses encountered through bends, valves, and interconnecting fittings for a full range of synthetic refrigerants, and industrial gases such as CO₂ and Ammonia.

Through accurately accounting for system losses, MicroPipe ensures that distributed pipework systems are designed to be accurate, error-free and highly energy efficient! MicroPipe does not just work with SI units: Imperial units can also be selected by the user. It is a truly global refrigeration pipework design software package.

This 5 day workshop series is for refrigeration designers, engineers and anyone who wants to learn how to properly design refrigeration systems. You will learn how to take a systematic approach and learn how to save countless hours, when taking the right to refrigeration design approach tackling big or small projects.

[Workshop 1] Sizing refrigeration pipework for condensing unit systems cooling cold rooms

[Workshop 2] The impact of incorrectly sizing refrigeration pipework and how MicroPipe removes this

[Workshop 3] Sizing refrigeration pipework for maximum energy efficiency

[Workshop 4] How to design the full pipework from start to finish using MicroPipe

[Workshop 5] - Using MicroPipe software to size common liquid line pipework for CO2 systems

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