Introduction to CO2 Refrigeration

Introduction to CO2 Refrigeration

Would you like to have a better understanding of CO2 Transcritical Systems? 

  • 8+ hours of Live Instructor Led Virtual Training Classes
  • 4+ hours of Extra CO2 Training Videos and Resources
  • 1 on 1 Time with Trevor
  • Deep Dives into CO2 topics over 4 Technical Training Sessions.
  • 16 hour of NATE Credits

Our goal is to help you become more confident with CO2 and become more valuble to your organization.

This Intro CO2 Refrigeration learning program is designed to:

  • Build your Confidence with Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration
  • Further your Knowledge on CO2 Refrigeration 
  • Create a Stepping Stone for those aspiring to become Refrigeration Experts within their Organizations

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Instructor Led Virtual Training Breakdown

CO2 System Components & Design

   2.1 Components of CO2 Systems

   2.2 Types of CO2 Systems

   2.3 System Design Considerations

Fundamentals of CO2 Refrigeration & Safety

   1.1 Key CO2 Terms and Principles

   1.2 CO2 Fundamentals

   1.3 CO2 safety procedures

Introduction to CO2 Controls and Electrical

   3.1 Understanding Wiring Diagrams

   3.2 Introduction to CO2 Controllers

   3.3 Troubleshooting Common Issues

Service & Maintenance Procedures

  4.1 Routine Maintenance Procedures

  4.2 Charging a CO2 System

  4.3 CO2 Service Calls

Successfully complete all program components, including quizzes, assignments, and the final assessment, to earn the Introduction to CO2 Refrigeration Program Certificate of Completion from Refrigeration Mentor.

**This course is a continued professional development program to add to your current knowledge & skills and it is not a substitute for your local Refrigeration and HVAC qualifications. Always follow local codes and safety protocols. 

Supermarket Refrigeration experience recommended.


Refrigeration Mentor is a international training and development organization that is dedicated to training, educating, and mentoring refrigeration professionals throughout the industry.  The founder, Trevor Matthews who is a Certified Training & Development Professional and a subject matter expert in commercial refrigeration systems, has worked as a technician installing, commissioning, and servicing supermarket racks, commercial refrigeration, and HVAC systems.  

Trevor has trained thousands of technicians, managers, and business owners and has helped educators, contractors and manufacturers develop trainings around specific refrigeration topics that met their needs.  Trevor takes a systematic approach when designing a program and makes sure the information is easily digestible from servicing and troubleshooting systems to making technologies like CO2 refrigeration seem simple to work with, while motivating and building confidence in the learners.

We pride ourselves on providing honest, value-adding, and high-quality training services. We work with our clients to customize learning and development programs that meet their specific needs, from technical training design to full program rollouts that focus on building a culture around training, education and mentoring within your organization.​

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