Saturday November 25th @ 11 am - 1 pm EST (Toronto Canada Time Zone)

Week 1: Fundamentals of CO2 Refrigeration & System Design: Building your foundation around CO2 fundamentals is key for your CO2 knowledge. We will dive into R-744 enthalpy diagrams, how CO2 works, safety and handling practices and look at CO2 Transcritical Booster system designs.

Saturday December 2nd @ 11 am - 1 pm EST (Toronto Canada Time Zone)

Week 2: CO2 Compressor Technologies and Strategies: We will discuss the different CO2 compressor designs and options that are in the field today.  We will go over servicing and troubleshooting techniques for transcritical and subcritical CO2 compressors. From specific superheats to different types of POE oils, we will show you everything you need to know and where to find it.

Saturday Debember 9th @ 11 am - 1 pm EST  (Toronto Canada Time Zone)

Week 3: CO2 Transcritical & Subcritical System Components: We will dive into and discuss manufacture field piping diagrams. From learning how to read it, to learning about all the different transcritical and subcritical components in a system. We will learn how to effectively become more confident and what to look for when installing, servicing and troubleshooting CO2 components. 

Saturday December 16th @ 11 am - 1 pm EST (Toronto Canada Time Zone)

Week 4: CO2 Service, Maintenance & Troubleshooting Procedures:  You will learn why service and maintenance procedures are key to becoming more confident in CO2 refrigeration. We show you different sequence of operations, charging procedures, oil changes and much more when troubleshooting CO2 transcritical systems. 

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4-Week CO2 Refrigeration Program

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Would you like to have more knowledge on CO2 Transcritical Systems? 

About Refrigeration Mentor

Refrigeration Mentor is a international training and development organization that is dedicated to training, educating, and mentoring refrigeration professionals throughout the industry.  The founder, Trevor Matthews who is a Certified Training & Development Professional and a subject matter expert in commercial refrigeration systems, has worked as a technician installing, commissioning, and servicing supermarket racks, commercial refrigeration, and HVAC systems.  

Trevor has trained thousands of technicians, managers, and business owners and has helped educators, contractors and manufacturers develop trainings around specific refrigeration topics that met their needs.  Trevor takes a systematic approach when designing a program and makes sure the information is easily digestible from servicing and troubleshooting systems to making technologies like CO2 refrigeration seem simple to work with, while motivating and building confidence in the learners.

We pride ourselves on providing honest, value-adding, and high-quality training services. We work with our clients to customize learning and development programs that meet their specific needs, from technical training design to full program rollouts that focus on building a culture around training, education and mentoring within your organization.

Note: For best results and viewing purpose please use a desktop computer, laptop computer or tablet that has or uses a mic and camera so you get the full feel of the program.

**This course is a continued professional development program to add to your current knowledge & skills and it is not a substitute for your local Refrigeration and HVAC qualifications. Always follow local codes and safety protocols. 

This CO2 Refrigeration learning program is designed to build up your confidence with transcritical CO2 refrigeration. From install to service and design this program is for refrigeration professionals and technicians who want to get a better understanding of how CO2 (R744) systems work.  We are going to dive deep into many different topics about transcritical refrigeration and we want to build your knowledge and confidence to help you be successful when working on these systems. We will discuss the things you should know and have group discussions to help you absorb as much knowledge as you can in this 4 week program. Our goal is to help you become more confident and competent working with CO2 equipment.  

We created this program from the years of learning, teaching and training CO2 refrigeration to contractors, manufactures and engineers.   If you are looking to become more knowledgeable on CO2, have more confidence with CO2 systems or want to work towards becoming a CO2 expert at your company this is the program to get you started.    

**This is an intense program and a background in commercial refrigeration is required.


To earn a certificate of completion of the 4-week CO2 Refrigeration Learning Program, the refrigeration professional must finish their quizzes, assignments, and the final knowledge assessment. Following completion of the virtual program, they will receive a certificate of completion from Refrigeration Mentor.

Instructor Led Virtual Training Schedule:

Week #1: Fundamentals of CO2 Refrigeration and System Designs

CO2 Refrigerant Introduction 

Basic Refrigeration and CO2 Fundamentals 

Applying Safety and Handling practices when working with CO2

CO2 Transcritical Booster Systems

Components of CO2 Transcritical Booster System Overview

Week #2: CO2 Oil Management & Compressor Technologies  

Understanding Compressor Oil Management 

Medium Temperature (Transcritical) Compressors

Low Temperature (Subcritical) Compressors

Compressor with VFD’s

CO2 Digital Compressors 

Week 3: Transcritical & Subcritical CO2 System Components

Pressure Reliefs

Gas Cooler/Condenser 

High Pressure/Throttling Valve 

Flash Gas Bypass Valve - FGBV

Flash Tank/Receiver

CO2 Heat Reclaim/Recovery Systems 

Evaporator Cases & Coils 

CO2 Case Controllers 

Electronic Expansion Valves (EEVs)

Electronic Pressure Regulating CDS Valves

Week 4: CO2 Service, Maintenance & Troubleshooting Procedures 

CO2 Tools and Equipment

Pressure Test & Evacuation Procedure

Charging CO2 Procedure

Sequence of Operation

Service Procedures

CO2 System Maintenance Procedures

Defrosting CO2 Cases & Coils 

System Troubleshooting

Emergency Backup System

Other Topics that may be covered:

Piping and Component Sizing and Selection

Piping Practices

Parallel compression

Adiabatic Gas Cooler 

CO2 Ejectors

CO2 Secondary Systems

CO2 Cascade Systems