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Course Content Creation Training

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Content Planning:

Developing a clear understanding of you students needs

How to plan your course topics that are both relevant and in demand

Break down complex subjects into manageable parts to make learning easier


How to create a script can help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you cover all necessary points in your classes. 

High Quality Visuals:

Creating clear and high quality visuals to illustrate your points

• Animation

• Slides

• Live action footage

Interactive Content:

Using interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, or assignments that students can participate in through comments or external links. 

Visual Storytelling:

Develop your storytelling skills to make your videos more relatable and memorable.  Learn how to use real-world examples, case studies, and anecdotes to illustrate concepts to keep your students engaged.

Video & Audio Equipment:

Learn about quality and cost effective equipment so you have clear and crisp audio iand video recordings. 

Editing Softwares:

Edit your videos to remove unnecessary parts, ensure a good pace, and maintain students interest. 

Call to Action:

Learning how to encourage students to engage with the video by bring it up in class, having quizzes, commenting on video, completing an assignment or taking other actions like having them create the same video

Consistency and Branding:

Understand how important branding is across your training to build trust with you students. 

$ 97 USD

Friday June 21st, 1 pm - 4 pm EST


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