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How to select compressors and condensers/gas coolers

Understanding the heat load – cabinets and coldrooms, and the selection of expansion devices

How to apply heat recovery

How to size refrigeration services pipework

How to project the annual energy consumption and emissions of refrigeration systems

Supermarket CO2 Transcritical Refrigeration Systems

5 Part Series

In collaboration between Refrigeration Mentor and OMEGA Solutions, we have some really exciting news for both junior and seasoned design engineers; a new 5-part weekly series is coming to CO2 Monday’s!

 As the industry adapts to non-HFC refrigerants, this 5-part series will provide a taster of the following design activities that are crucial in the design of Supermarket CO2 Transcritical Refrigeration Systems.


Feb 12th - 2pm EST/7pm UK

Feb 19th - 2pm EST/7pm UK

March 4th - 2pm EST/7pm UK

March 11th - 2pm EST/7pm UK

March 18th - 2pm EST/7pm UK

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